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The SoFurry Ark: Survival Evolved Server is all about our community chilling with dinos and having a great time. This server is a pvp-free, community-based server, where the only real objective is to have fun and do what makes you happy, and that goes for anything from building a nice home all the way to collecting the most dinos.

Server Rules[edit]

To play on this server, you must follow a set of rules to make sure you and the other players have a good time. Breaking any of these rules may result in your removal from the server via a ban or, depending on severity, community-wide ban. Please make sure to read these, as they are very important.

  1. No PvP- Any pvp on this server, especially that which is somehow done by exploitation or cheating, is forbidden. Accidental PvP sometimes is ok (we are leaving PvP on, because it is needed for some functions), however a repeated offense of accidental PvP, especially in a rapid timeframe, will be considered intentional.
  2. No excessive breeding/hoarding- Excessive breeding or hoarding of dinos in a small area will cause large spikes in server resource consumption, and possible lag for all users on the server. We will cull any excessive collections of dinos if need be, however repeated offenses will result in a ban.
  3. Be respectful- Be respectful of your fellow players, their builds, and their tastes. Not everyone will have the same design choices, dino faves, etc as you, and harassing other users at all will result in a ban. Please also try to be respectful of the space you occupy around other people, as the server may get very cramped if everyone clusters together.
  4. Don't share the password- Even though we have a whitelist in place, if a user is found giving our password to others, that will result in an immediate ban, and a change of password.
  5. Follow Discord rules- Follow the rules posted on our discord or the main page where applicable.


Follow the instructions below to join our ARK server!

Note: Due to issues with how the server and modded clients interact, we are currently only able to support users joining with Steam. This is mainly so we can have both a whitelist and password requirement.

You will require this workshop collection to join our server.

Before you join, you will need to open a general support ticket on our discord and request a whitelist, and once we finish whitelisting you, we will give you the password as part of the ticket before closing it. For the whitelist we simply need a link to your Steam User Page, so we can obtain your steam uid64.

Once the above is all complete:

  1. In steam, go to the upper left corner of the application and go to View, then click on Servers.
  2. Click "Add Server" in the bottom right of the popup, and in the address bar put "Ark.SoFurry.Games" and then click "Find Games at This Address" followed by "Add this Server to your favorites"
  3. Close out of the above menu, then launch ARK as normal. Wait for the mods to install on ARK before you do anything!
  4. Once the mods are finished installing, click "Join ARK". In the bottom left of the screen, click the dropdown menu and filter by favorites.
  5. Click on SoFurry Gaming ARK Server, enter the password, and join!