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The SoFurry Gaming Destiny 2 Clan, known as just "SoFurry" in-game, strives to be the leading clan for furries in Destiny 2. We are an inclusive clan that allows all users regardless of age, gender, or orientation, and we pride ourselves on our team playing.


To join the clan you can go to the companion app and search "SoFurry", or you can simply go to destiny's clan site and click "Join Clan". Note that there may be up to a 24 hour (or longer if we are full) wait to join our clan, as we have it set to approve-only to filter out potential anti-furry spam. We accept anyone of any experience level in the game, so don't feel shy!

If you want to join our discord, verify, and add the destiny role to yourself, you can find and join one of us to play with you! Simply go to the #destiny-team-finder channel stating what content you're looking to run (Vault of Glass, GM Nightfall, Dungeon, etc) and how many other players you need, then let people know what voice chat you'll be in. Make sure to join a voice chat with the proper number of slots! Feel free to plan out future sessions as well, just try not to clog up the channel too much.

If nobody is around to run what you are looking for, we highly recommend hitting up Destiny 2 LFG Discord. They've been extremely helpful in the past and there are enough people there that you likely won't have to wait long for nearly any activity you may wish to do.

Useful Tools[edit]

Here we will list a collection of tools we regularly use to make things easier, or better in general. If you have your own preferences, please don't hesitate to let us know so we can check those out too! Who knows, we may like those more!

Destiny Item Manager

This is the best gear organizer out there. Just log in with your bungie account and you can drag and drop your gear between characters, set entire loadouts of armor, weapons, mods, and now even armor ornaments and shaders that you can swap to with the press of a button. It also features an extremely useful loadout optimizer that can help you craft armor loadouts with ease! While the UI has changed since the video was made, Datto made a really helpful video detailing how to create those loadouts on youtube. DIM also has a mobile app if you prefer that method. You can find a link at the bottom of the homepage!

Today in Destiny

This tool will help you keep track of which rotating events, dungeons, raids, and legend/master lost sectors are happening. It will also point to where Xur is each week, so you don't have to keep searching other sites.

Destiny 2 Gunsmith

Ever wanted to see which rolls your favourite gun could get? Search no longer! Even though most of the functionality of this tool has been added to DIM over the past few seasons, sometimes it's nice if you want a quick and dirty search for your guns, where to get them, and what they can potentially roll with.

Destiny 2 Armor Picker

This tool allows you to choose an exotic armor piece, and then craft a build with all the current armor in your vault and on your person. You can then export this as a DIM loadout to import on DIM, and easily swap to it!

Spoiler Policy[edit]

Destiny 2 frequently gets updates that include new content and not everybody is able to play right away on the weekly reset. To help avoid spoiling content for other players, we ask that everyone use the built in spoiler feature in discord to censor anything regarding new content that has been out for less than a week. Spoilers uncovered through datamining are forbidden until they have been released through official Bungie channels (twitter, youtube,, Destiny 2 itself, etc.).