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SoFurry hosts a variety of modded minecraft servers, with various scopes and play styles, mod configurations, and more. Each of the sections of this page will detail the differences between each, as well as how to connect to them. This section is destined to change at any time, as the interest in modded servers usually wax and wane over time.

Divine Journey 2[edit]

Divine Journey 2 is a Minecraft 1.12.2 Expert modpack that is the spiritual successor to the 1.7.10 Divine Journey modpack. It features a unique progression line and a lot more mods to go through than its predecessor, with 30 chapters stuffed with over 1600 quests for you to complete and over 5000 custom recipes for you to unlock and experience.

This section of the wiki aims to help you get connected and get started on your journey, as well as lay out some of the more important information that needs to be conveyed before you play.


Current Modpack Version: check #dj-how-to-connect on our discord

Namespaced IP: DJ2.SoFurry.Games

Required RAM: 6-8GB (Recommended more; make sure your OS has at least 2GB for itself)

We suggest using the Prism Launcher to find and launch this pack, which is the successor to MultiMC but with much more user-friendly features like modpack searching, auto installing, etc. If you are using MultiMC, please note that it is no longer supported! It cannot download any packs from curseforge due to recent API changes and toher terms of service changes on curse's side that further restrict third party launchers. You can, of course, use the curseforge launcher as well if you choose, but do note that there is a high chance that it will not use the correct java version, which will lead you to a constant client crash loop until you either manually fix it or reinstall the entire pack, losing all your map data etc.

To connect to this server, you will need to be whitelisted by joining our discord server and becoming verified.

Divine Journey 2 Do's And Don'ts[edit]

Make sure to read this carefully, as it is a guide for what you need to know in order to play effectively on our most modded server, and check back option in case these change.

Game Breaking Issues[edit]

Doing any of these things may completely destroy the server, and may result in a ban if you did not read this.

  1. Don't build any true multi-block structure across chunk borders (which you can see by pressing f9 twice). Doing this can result in a full-world corruption! This includes Windmills, Water Wheels, Immersive Engineering Machines, etc. Basically anything that completely changes its shape once you finish building it to have a complex model.
  2. Delete your death notes immediately after you respawn. If you die with too many in your inventory (say if you die 4 times in a row), your player data will be forever corrupted and unrecoverable.
  3. Don't put any massive storage device (ME cells with things in them, /dank/null, etc) inside any other massive storage device (ME systems, backpacks, etc). Doing so will result in player data corruption or server corruption.
  4. Do not use the Roots "open staff" command without holding a staff in your hand. This will cause an inventory desync that you will have to relog to fix.

Helpful Hints[edit]

These are things you should keep in mind at all times to make your overall experience easier.

  1. When you join, make sure you join or create a team from the upper left corner icon of 3 people (red, green, blue). This is for inviting people, creating your team, or accepting an invite.
  2. If you are going to join someone's team, you should also create/join a quest party. Open the quest book with k, then go to the first page. Click Party at the bottom. If you are creating a party, make sure you name it something PG-13! It will be publicly visible. You also go to this menu to accept invitations. Then, all members of the team need to use the command /xu_powersharing and click the name of everyone else in their party, leaving the name on the button in brackets. This will share your Extra Utilities grid power later on, as well as other things.
  3. READ THE QUEST BOOK- So many people ask questions that the quest book answers in its descriptions. Follow the quest chains, and if something dead-ends, that usually means you need to follow another section of quest chains and then come back. Big 8-sided quests are the ones that unlock things in other chapters, so keep this in mind!
  4. READ BLOCK/ITEM TOOLTIPS- There are many important things listed in these tooltips. If a block or item has a tooltip/lore, please read it.
  5. JEI is your friend. This is how you will discover new and interesting ways to create things in this pack. Become familiar with JEI on their wiki.
  6. Use a concealment key on any drawer that contains Amber Blocks. These are known to cause client crashes due to having complex clear textures.
  7. If you get an invalid session, you can always click the "Oauth Login" button in the upper left corner of the multiplayer screen. This will have you log into your microsoft account and re-authorize your session with the login servers and you won't have to re-launch your client and load the whole pack again.

Vault Hunters[edit]

Vault Hunters is an RPG based modpack focusing around the mysteries and dangers of a dimension called The Vault. It features many Vault Hunters specific items and mobs, like armor, weapons, totems, currency and bosses. Players can develop their own talents and abilities while trying to achieve the goal of collecting all the 25 unique artifacts to unlock the final challenge!


Current Modpack Version: check #vault-hunters-info on our discord

Namespaced IP: VH.SoFurry.Games

Required RAM: 6GB (minimum)

To connect with this modpack, you will need to use Prism Launcher or the CurseForge launcher. Simply download Vault Hunters 3rd Edition and connect to our IP!

Legacy FTB[edit]

For a limited time, and for those users who played during the glory days of SoFurry Minecraft, we brought back an absolute blast from the past! Re-introducing the original Custom MCPC+ FTB Server: SF-FTB! This pack is a custom, curated kitchen-sink style pack from minecraft version 1.6.4 with a ton of fan-favorite mods.


Namespaced IP: FTB.SoFurry.Games

Required RAM: 6GB (minimum)

To connect with this modpack, you will have to do a little bit of manual setup, since it has been unlisted from FTB/Curseforge for some time now. To do this we suggest using Prism Launcher, as it will take a few steps to set up. Follow these instructions to get ready to play:

  1. Visit our discord and become verified, visit the #role-request channel and select modded minecraft.
    1. You will need to be 18+ age verified before you can join this server, as it is an adults-only server!
  2. Under the Modded Minecraft category, visit the #legacy-packs channel and click the pack download link
  3. Do the following to add the pack to Prism, FTB Launcher, CurseForge or MultiMC:
    1. Launch the program of your choice
    2. Click "Add Instance" and fill in the following:
      1. Name: SoFurry FTB Legacy
      2. Group: leave empty unless you want it grouped somewhere
      3. Scroll down on the Vanilla list and choose 1.6.4, then press Ok at the bottom to create your instance.
    3. Right click on your new instance in the main page and select "Edit Instance"
    4. On the right hand side, click "Install Forge" and click the version with the star next to it then hit Ok at the bottom
    5. Click Launch at the bottom right of the edit instance screen to finish setting up forge and installing minecraft 1.6.4
      1. Note: If you are crashing due to java issues, you may have to go to "Settings" on the left hand side of the Edit Instance screen and choose a different java version. Java 8 is perfectly acceptible.
    6. Once minecraft finishes launching, close out of it, then click "Open .minecraft" on the right hand side of the Edit Instance screen, toward the bottom.
    7. Extract the zip file into the .minecraft folder
    8. Hit Launch, and the pack should launch!