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The SoFurry Elder Scrolls Online Guild is a growing community of like-minded, friendly, and outgoing furries who want to just relax online and do whatever feels fun at the moment, be it dungeons, delves, exploration, or just messing around in the Guild Hall. We are still currently looking for more active players who wish to contribute to this Guild, either as a crafter, guild staff, monetary patrons, or sherpa members for new members who may not be as experienced in the game. If this sounds like something you're interested in, please fill out a staff application and we will see if you can fit the role. Make sure when filling this out you check both ESO and Other, and put what you want to do for the guild in the Other section; thank you!

Guild Information[edit]

Megaserver: North America, PC

Guild Name: SoFurry Prowlers

Guild Faction: Aldmeri Dominion (for PVP, we welcome all factions)

Guild Hall: Pantherfang Chapel (to join, visit the primary residence of fredigar)

Addon Recommendations[edit]

We highly suggest that users who are playing ESO use addons to enhance the vanilla experience of the game. From something as simple as adding some numbers to your toolbar, to something as complex as adding a minimap or crafting recipes at a glance, there's addons that suit the needs of anyone. Below we have a few recommendations from our Guild Master and his right hand, Zaphara. To install these, please go download Minion mod manager, which will allow you to easily manage your ESO addons. Make sure when installing addons to include any dependencies!

All Players[edit]

These are addons recommended for all players, since they add a variety of beneficial utilities.

  • AwesomeGuildStore- This addon changes the guild store layout and makes it much easier to search for items that you want. It will automatically highlight recipes, patterns, motifs, etc that you don't know so that you can focus on those first!
  • Azurah- This addon allows you to change, scale, and move UI elements around your screen by unlocking them, and then keep them in place by locking them when you are done. You can even save multiple loadouts of screen layouts! Customize how your UI looks and make it suit your needs!
  • HideHousePreview- This addon will hide the "preview house" option on the wayshrine map, as well as your minimap. It has a toggle option as well.
  • MasterMerchant- This addon adds the estimated gold per item that you can sell things for, based off of a database of users using MasterMerchant when posting things to guild stores.
  • LoreBooks- This addon will display the location of lorebooks that you don't have, as well as give a better UI for managing the ones you do have.
  • NoThankYou- This addon will give you the option to remove some really annoying popup messages, specifically ones like those that appear in Craglorn while you are exploring that warn you of entering/exiting a group combat area. This will allow you to farm and explore for longer with less annoyances.
  • QuestMap- This addon will display quest locations on your map/minimap, and remove them once completed. There are a few options here, such as those to show or hide quests you can't complete yet.
  • SkyShards- This addon will display the locations of skyshards on your map/minimap.
  • SpentSkillPoints- This addon will remove skill point locations as you discover them.
  • UnknownTracker- This addon will track any unknown lorebooks, skill points, and the like in an easy to read interface.
  • USPF- This addon, "Ulrich's Skill Point Finder", will mark locations on your map where you can get skill points by doing certain objectives!
  • VotansImprovedLocations- This addon will add new locations to the map and compass bar for you that may be helpful while exploring.
  • VotansImprovedQuests- This addon improves the quest overlay, as well as improves location markers for quests.
  • VotansMiniMap- This addon adds the best minimap in the game, in our humble opinion. This map interfaces with any other addon that adds pins etc.
  • WykkydSuiteManager- This addon will allow you to change and configure other wykkyd addons.
  • WykkydsEnhancedChat- This addon adds tabs to your chat window, allowing you to configure and filter each window with what you want to see. Want a tab for just one guild chat and dms, another for global chat, and a third for just friends chat? Easy!
  • WykkydsEnchancedHud- This addon may give you a lua error, as it is quite old. If you can get it working, however, it greatly enhances the HUD information, as well as lets you adjust some of the finer details not available in ESO's settings.
  • WykkydsMacros- This addon adds the ability to setup and use macros. Use this at your own risk, since most macros can be deemed cheating in ESO and may get you banned from the game. You have been warned.
  • MapPins- This addon adds configurable map pins that you can add for yourself to keep track of personal Points of Interest.


This is a collection of addons we recommend specifically for users who are crafters. These range anywhere from adding locations of resource nodes to your map, to giving you detailed recipe stats.

  • AIResarchGrid- Zaphara's favorite addon for managing trait research and style motifs! This will add an easy to read grid of which traits you do or do not have researched, as well as which are being researched currently and how long they have to go. It has tabs for displaying which motifs you have as well.
  • CovetousCountess- This addon displays where the countess is, so you can knock those quests out easily for the materials and money.
  • CraftStoreFixedAndImproved- This addon fixes some of the store issues that were present in vanilla ESO.
  • LazyWritCrafter- This addon will not only display what your writs are, but will highlight them and allow you to craft them with a single click so long as you have the materials and are at the proper bench. This takes so much time out of your writ crafting!
  • HarvestMap- This addon will display the location of all resource locations, in-game and on the map, as well as allow you to set up configurable farming routes to get the most efficient path.
  • MasterRecipeList- This addon adds a list of all recipes you do and don't currently know for cooking, furnishing, etc. This will also allow you to craft things with a single click at the cooking station.
  • MasterRecipeListAltFormat- This addon just changes the format of the Master Recipe List and makes it a little easier to read and manage.
  • PotionMaker- This addon will allow you to easily craft potions with just a few clicks. No more thinking about which reagents do what!
  • ShoppingList- This addon will add a HUD shopping list so you can always remember what you were crafting, and remind you of what you still need.
  • VotansFisherman- This addon will make fishing a breeze. It adds a HUD element to tell you what bait each fishing hole requires, and can be configured to even flash on the screen when to reel in.
  • VotansFishFillet- This addon will fillet all fish for you, so you don't have to keep holding or pressing the button! Perfect for farming out hundreds of fish for perfect roe.


This collection of addons are recommended for users who love to decorate their homes, or craft furniture etc to sell for money.

  • EssentialHousingTools- This addon allows for fine tuned placement of items, as well as a much better UI for doing so.
  • FurnitureCatalogue- This addon will display a catalogue of all furniture patterns, if you have them, what they cost, and where you can obtain them.

Recommended Applications and Websites[edit]

We recommend for users, especially crafters, to keep a tab on a few websites or applications to make your life a little easier in the long run. Below is a collection of utilities and what they do.

  • Tamriel Trade Center- The website is used to search for which guild has the best prices on which items you want to purchase, so you can easily find and buy what you want at the best possible price. Just be aware that if a price is too low, it's likely that it will be gone by the time you get there. Look for a reasonable price, not the best one, and you will be better served. TTC has an application you can launch on your pc before you launch ESO, and when you do so, it will gather all of the listing information you interact with while in-game, as well as those that guildmates are posting, so that it can keep up to date on the website with accurate information. If you do not use this application and you go to a guild store and purchase an item from their website, it will not be removed until someone who IS using this application interacts with that guild store.