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SoFurry Gaming Staff[edit]

Welcome to the staff page! This is the location of how to contact each staff member of our Gaming Community, as well as their ranks and which game(s) or platform(s) they are staff for. If you would like to apply to be staff for any of the games in our community, please feel free to fill out an application. We review this form on a weekly basis, and make decisions on each individual staff application on a monthly basis during our staff meetings.



Staff on: All games/platforms

Contact: Zaphara#2811 on Discord

Wiki Page: Zaphara's User Page

Bio: Zaphara is the head admin of SoFurry Gaming. He has a severe addiction to coffee, which helps him power through his responsibilities, which involve organizing and communicating with staff and players alike, as well as introducing new games, vetting new staff, training staff periodically on new processes, and more. If you have any issues with any staff member, please feel free to message him directly and voice your concerns.


Staff on: None

Contact: HunterG22#0001 on Discord

Bio: Hunter is a monetary contributor to the funding of our self-hosting server, and oversees staff operations in regards to the server rack. He is a mischievous changeling who likes to poke fun and make light of most situations; he is a comedic relief when needed.


Staff on: Minecraft, Gaming Discord, Conan Exile

Contact: GlowPon3#8284 on Discord

Wiki Page: Glow's User Page

Bio: Glow is the co-owner of our self-hosting server, and assists in the technical aspects of most of our server operations. From complex redstone wiring to intricate scripting and compound nbt commands, Glow is our go-to for hacking together a compelling solution to strange problems that crop up. His creativity likely stems from being an engineer for Queen Chrysalis, just don't let him nom on the server cables, or you may end up with some strange agglomeration that you have no clue how it works- but it does!


Staff on: Minecraft, Gaming Discord, Conan Exile

Contact: Saicin#2807 on Discord

Bio: Saicin is one of the co-owners of our self-hosting server, and is the main admin for Conan Exile.

Manii Toro[edit]

Staff on: Minecraft, Gaming Discord, Satisfactory, Server Operations

Contact: Manii Toro#6797 on Discord

Wiki Page: Manii's User Page

Bio: Manii is a mad scientist of the coding world. He can fix, change, alter, or create any java, css, c++, c#, javascript, html, or c program you can think of and have the source for. Along with being Zaphara's partner in crime and husband, he tends to lurk around the backend of our servers, making sure to keep them running smoothly for our users to enjoy. He likes to spend his free time on Satisfactory as the main admin there, slowly and methodically exploting exploring the planet.


Staff on: Minecraft, Gaming Discord, Main Discord, Warframe, Final Fantasy, Ark, Support

Contact: Zyas#3771 on Discord

Bio: Zyas is a verrrrry big cat, with a bigger heart. For this reason, he is our community's HR manager of sorts, and handles all things regarding user appeals, staffing concerns, and more. He is the creator of our Final Fantasy XIV Company, and spends most of his time being cute. Plz boop his snoot.


Staff on: Minecraft, Gaming Discord, Main Discord

Contact: Sevakordran#3049 on Discord

Wiki Page: Sev's User Page

Bio: Sev is our leading admin on Minecraft and Discord, and handles most issues in record time. Seemingly always online in the blink of an eye, Sev handles most of our trolls and the like that join our Vanilla Minecraft server before anyone else has the chance to. He is a giant floofy dragon, and with that he regularly clogs our server's floof filters, so don't be surprised if he shakes some off at you while you are online (at least it's shiny)!


Staff on: Minecraft, Gaming Discord

Contact: Fyger#2637 on Discord

Bio: Fyger is a dedicated admin on SoFurry Minecraft, mainly on the vanilla minecraft side of things. Being a teacher in the computer science field, he knows a lot and how to help people with their complex machines in-game as well as how to help people code outside the game.


Staff on: Gaming Discord, Main Discord, Final Fantasy

Contact: Bocain#9392 on Discord

Bio: A founder of our Final Fantasy XIV Company, bocain is a dedicated admin and staff on all servers he works on.


Staff on: Gaming Discord, Main Discord, Final Fantasy

Contact: kiroki#6059 on Discord

Bio: Kiroki is one of the admins for our Final Fantasy XIV Company, and a dedicated one at that. He mainly moderates in the Main SoFurry Discord, however his dedication carries across wherever he goes, to whatever he does. Other than being an admin on multiple SoFurry affiliated sites and platforms, Kiroki is the Horse Extraordinaire, a talented artist, and a supporter of his fellow furs.


Staff on: Gaming Discord, Warframe

Contact: Brashy#0148 on Discord

Bio: Brashy is the admin that replaced our old Warframe clan with a much better, much bigger one for all of our users to enjoy, dubbed the SoFurry Wild Claws.


Staff on: Destiny 2

Conact: jaypaw28#5247 on Discord

Bio: Jace is the admin and creator of the SoFurry Destiny 2 clan. In his spare time he plays almost exclusively Destiny 2, with the occasional other game that catches his interest. If you have questions regarding the Destiny 2 clan, feel free to contact him.


Staff on: Forza, Space Engineers

Contact: LuciusGoat#0666 on Discord

Bio: Lucius is our admin and owner of the Forza club and Space Engineers server. Goat by day, streamer by night, he works hard to make sure the content he brings to anyone is top notch and full of a decent amount of comedy for good measure.


Staff on: Elder Scrolls Online

Contact: Pavel#9774 on Discord

Bio: Your friendly neighborhood smol mouse located in sunny Brisbane, Australia. This friendly little critter is the admin and creator of our ESO Guild, and has been working tirelessly to make sure users have the best potential experience. If you have any questions or concerns about the ESO guild, feel free to message him on discord.


Staff on: Ark

Contact: Siren#5769 on Discord

Bio: Your stereotypical nerd folf, I play games, do art, dance too much and I get paid to stab people with needles. Message me with any questions you have and I'll do my best to get to ya quickly! Enjoy your time on our gaming platforms and be safe!


Staff on: Ark, Gaming Discord

Contact: ArcticFox004#3440 on Discord

Bio: Our resident floofy arctic foxx, this hard working Admin is a part of our gaming discord and ARK server. Other than gaming, he works hard as an Uber and Long Haul driver, using what little free time he has to make sure the experience of our players and community members is the best it can be. He brings joy to all conversations he is a part of, and everyone loves to see him around.



Staff on: Gaming Discord, Main Discord, Minecraft

Contact: Geranguas#0609 on Discord

Bio: Geranguas is our resident sillydurg moderator. He has been staff on SoFurry Minecraft since the before times; way before any of the rest of us even thought about becoming staff. With his many years of experience, he advises staff with his seasoned opinions to nuanced issues, as well as helps to train new staff, regardless of position. His judgement may come across as overly stern, however he simply does not put up with any nonsense and does things by the book.

Fennec of Doom[edit]

Staff on: Gaming Discord, Minecraft

Contact: Sparkydafox28#1907 on Discord

Bio: He's all ears. Literally- The fennec of doom, being a fennec fox, is mostly just excited yips and ears. He is one of our perkiest, silliest staff members, but a dedicated moderator for the minecraft team who does whatever is necessary to make sure our players have a good time.



Staff on: Minecraft

Contact: Syncline#3076 on Discord

Bio: Syncline is one of our most reliable helpers on the minecraft team, making sure to put aside the time to regularly log in and help out where possible.